Hello, this isnt eleanor calder.

Hey everyone :) Im looking after Eleanors tumblr she is currently very busy and wants someone to take over for a little bit, my names Daniella. 

grimmwhore said: Happy Anniversary to you an lou, you are seriously the most adorable couple. xo


Anonymous said: how do you keep your body so healthy? do eat a lot of fruits and i was wondering does tea burn of fat or does it just keep your stomach warm?

I dont really do much to keep my body healthy i just eat a lot of fruits and veggies, and sorry i dont no anything about burning fat and stuff so maybe ask a health blog? The one i put up last night is where i usually go to ask my questions to babe :) Xx

(here is the blog) 

ordinarytalent said: would it be weird if i said happy anniversary..? haha you and louis are very cute together

Thank you lovee :) xx

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